Sunday Funnies #11

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Hiyaa Itss 12 o’clokk && Tymme 4 Daa Sundee Funniess .. Inn Casee Yaas Forgott Everyy Sundee Wee Playy Yaas Sumthinn Funnyy Off Daa Radioo .. Firstt Off Wee Playedd Yass Summ Holdd Yaa Plumms Wiff Billy && Wally Butt Wee Havv Puree Runn Owtt Off Themm Soo Noww Wee Arr Playinn Yass Summ Snelly Phonee Scamms .. Tonyy Snell Ustaa Bee Onn Radioo Cityy Thenn Hee Movedd Too Radioo Merseysidee && Onn A Fridee Morninn Hee Ustaa Ringg Peoplee Upp && Scamm Themm .. Relativess Wudd Ringg Snelly && Givv Himm All Daa Infoo Thenn Hee Wudd Makee Upp A Scamm Too Hitt Emm Wiff .. Summ Off Themm Werr Soo Funny !!

So Diss Week Daa City Engineerrs Decide Dee Are Cominn Too Fill in Summ Guys Fishh Pondd Butt Itt Iss Daa Guyss Pridde && Joyy Soo He’ss Nott Happy Lykk .. Denn Whenn Hee Sayss Hee Wontt Lett Demm Doo Itt They Sayy Hee Will Gett Sentt Too Prisonn Soo Hee Sayss Dee Will Havee Too Deall Wiff Hiss Wifee Thenn .. So Snelly Sayss Daa He Hass Hadd Loadss Off Afternoon Chatts Wiff Hiss Sharonn && Daa Fella Thenn Thinkss Hee’s Binn Messin Roundd Wiff Hee Wifee .. Classicc !!

Soo Press Daa Playy Fingg Att Daa Topp && Yaa Cann Listenn Too Thss Weekss Snelly Scamm ..

Traa ,, See Yaa Nxtt Sundee xx

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I am Andreaa Angel && I am havin' a boss time here writing on da Blog && that 'coz Davidd is proper gettin' too old to write && it's doin' me wig in.. I feel proper ashamed da fukin' state.. Davidd told me to write yas little stories about me life but I said no. I can't write stories, I never even passed me GCSE English. But he bullies me yerno, so me stories are usually shite!!

14 Comments on “Sunday Funnies #11”

  1. My kid never went through the “Why?” phase as a toddler. Instead, she’s hitting it at 9 and can actually pick apart my answers using logic and reason.


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