Top Ten Albums Of All Time

Posted by Davidd Birko on
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Rolling Stone magazine have just published their latest Top 500 Albums list. Their all-new list of the best albums ever made is full of classics and surprises with lots of arguments in the comments. Their original list was compiled in 2003 and slightly updated in 2012, but things move on. Many of today’s top musicians were not even in middle school back then. Pop over and see if you are interested you can view their list over here. Meanwhile, here on Jammy Toast, I thought we would have a go at trying to create our own list of our favourite Top Ten Albums. Especially seeing as Andreaa is away and so we can leave out Take That, Robbie Williams, and Michael Jackson. Believe me, it is more difficult than you can imagine limiting your list to just ten. Have a go yourself, but until then, here is our list…