Amused To Death

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ALittle While Ago, Davidd Posted A Cover Version Of Roger Waters’ Amused To Death.. I Have To Admit It Was Not My Favourite Kinda Music But The Story Was Good.. It Is From A Roger Waters Concept Album Where It Tells A Story Of Aliens Who Discover The Earth && Come To See Whats Happenin.. I Must Admit I Do Lyk The Story From The Song Which I Think Is A Book Too.. Its About How Us Humans Fuck Everythin Up && We All End Up Dyin Cos We Wreck The Environment.. The Water Gets Too High Cos Of The Meltin Ice && The World Gets Hotter && Hotter.. Ya Know What Davidd Is Like About His Bears, He Reckons All The Polar Bears Are Dead Cos They Had No Ice Left To Hunt On.. At The End Of The Song The World Cant Get Over The Damage We Have Done && We All Die; Not Just The Bears.. So I Guess It Is Not A Very Happy Song/Book.. I Remember A Bit Ago, There Was This Map Goin Round On The Internet && It Was Of What England Will Look Like In Fifty Years Time If The Water Carries On Gettin Higher.. It Was Scary Because The Whole Of Liverpool, Wirral, Kirkby && St Helens Is Gone.. It Is All Underwater.. Birmingham Is Right Next To The Sea Cos Of All The Land That Is Underwater.. Ive Never Read The Book Bt I Thought I Would Write Yas My Version Of It..