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iya && Welcome To Me New Blog.. I Am Startin This Blog Today Bt Really There Is Loadz Of Old Blog Stuff Already On Here.. I First Started Bloggin Yonks Ago On Me Mate Davidd’s Blog.. Its Been Called Different Things Over The Years.. It Started Off As ‘The Queen’s Blog’ Then ‘Meffs’ && Then ‘Jammy Toast’.. I Used To Write Stuff && I Loved Doin It So Davidd Helped Me Start Me Own Blog Off Called ‘Kurby Girl’, Cos Am Frm Kirkby Obvs.. After I Had Been Doin That For A Couple Of Months, Davidd Said He Missed Me On Jammy Toast && Wanted Me To Write On His Blog Again.. We Both Had A Laugh On Jammy Toast So I Went Back.. Although Davidd Is Dead Good At Bloggin It Takes Too Many Hours Out Of His Day.. It Takes Him About An Hour To Research, Write && Post A Story.. Then, On Jammy Toast, He Gets Loadz Of Comments Every Single Day Of The Year That He Has To Moderate.. It Takes Forever.. On New Years Eve Last Year, Jammy Toast Got 142 Comments Which All Hve To Be Moderated.. So While Everyone Is Partyin, Davidd Is Sittin There Makin Sure No One Is Plannin Blue Murder On Jammy Toast.. Then Someone Pulled A Blag On Him Which Really Pissed Him Off, So He Has Decided To Sort Of Semi-Retire..