Jammy Toast Dogs #3

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Today I am going to continue with my series of posts to tell you all about the doggies we have had the fortune to have known over the years. We really love German Shepherds, or Alsatians, here at Jammy Toast – mostly because they are so loving and intelligent. They make great guard dogs but are also friendly towards the rest of their pack – human, bear or otherwise. The first German Shepherd we ever had was a character by the name of Max. Just like his owner, Max was a little special and had a few social problems. These problems usually manifested themselves in his desire to kill anyone he met.

Happy Thirty First Birthday

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The picture above shows me and my little sister when we were around the ages of 4 and 5, the armful of things we both have is a little odd, you have to look closely to see that I am actually holding a little white kitten (or strangling it whichever!). Anyhow today is my sisters birthday and she is 31, I say “is” because even though she’s not around any more doesn’t mean as a family we don’t think of her on her special day.

Royal Sadness

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Today has been rather a sad day, and not the usual skitting royal fun day we usually have. Today was spent at the graveside of one of our royal family members who this week would of been 30 years old if she was alive. My Princess sister died young (so no wrinkles lucky her) and this week is a difficult week for us all, we mask the fact that our hearts are heavy and that our weak smiles hide the sadness of missing someone special from our lives. If you have ever lost someone close to you, you will know of the pain and hurt you feel when you no longer have that contact no matter how big or small that contact was. The pain you see never really goes away, you can say it eases with time, then something such as a birthday crops up and once more you are thrown into a twister of emotions.