Davidd’s Doodles #5

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It’s currently 4:30am in the morning as I write this. I am writing it to distract myself from the fact that I cannot get to sleep. When this happens and I can’t get to sleep, I always remember an elderly man I met briefly a few years ago. It all started one weekend when I ended up in Arrowe Park Hospital with an irregular heart-beat. This was discovered when I went to the hospital with a chest infection that just wasn’t clearing up. While I was seeing the doctor, she said that my heart was beating erratically and that I needed to go through to a ward to be put on an ECG. I complained that it was tea-time and that I hadn’t had any grub and asked how long would it take. I was assured it would only take a couple of hours at the most.

Jammy Toast Laid Low

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For the last couple of days Jammy Toast has been laid low by a mystery bug. Everyone was off their Jammy Toast and no one wanted to eat for twenty-four hours. We have no idea where it came from but we are over it now so must assume it was one of those mystery twenty-four hour bugs. All of us are now back on our feet and demanding more Vera because during the last couple of days we have all been lying under duvets watching Vera on Sky Box Sets. We have fallen in love with the old battle-axe detective. She has seen us through our hours of need.

No Jammy Toast Yesterday

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Sorry for the lack of any new Jammy Toast last night but I was in Arrowe Park Hospital with some bug or other. It all started on Wednesday night when I felt particularly poorly and had some pretty bad stomach cramps. It kept me awake all night and by Thursday morning I was in agony so decided it was time to pay a visit to the Hospital’s Walk-in Centre. Luckily I was the only one in there and was seen by a nurse straight away. She had no idea what was causing my pain so she decided it was best for me to see a Doctor.