A New Home For Chimpton

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Some of you will have noticed that Chimpton has been getting more and more agitated recently. Her Asperger’s is running out of control and her Tourette’s is getting “fooking” worse. The amount of prescribed medication she is taking has reached the level where it now has to be delivered by DHL – and she still wants more. She is also beginning to lose her slender grasp on the reality she once had under control – many years ago now. Once upon a time, Chimpton and I would make plans for Granny’s meandering wander down the path to dotage and the steps we would take when she got beyond rational help. This has now turned full-circle to the point where Granny and I are needing plans for Chimpton’s fall into the abyss of psychiatric turmoil. Basically, her cheese has now well and truly slipped off her cracker!

Does Chimpton Have Asperger Syndrome?

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Here at Jammy Toast we have joked about Chimpton and her Mental Health Issues over the years. So the other day I was reading about Gary McKinnon from posts we had put on Jammy Toast during the trial over his extradition to America. For those with a short memory, he stood trial for spying and hacking American government computers. Gary’s defence was that he was searching for evidence of America covering up the existence of UFOs and had nothing to do with spying. Gary’s defence also used the fact that he suffers from Asperger Syndrome. I realised that although I have heard the term used many times, I didn’t actually know what Asperger Syndrome was. Time for a little research…