Top 10 Most Haunted Places On Merseyside #1

Posted by Andreaa Kurby
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erseyside Has A History For Havin More Than Its Fair Share Of Ghosts && Spooky Happenins.. So Bearin That In Mind, Here Is A Run Through Of The Top Ten Places && The Reason Why They Make The List.. In This Post, I Will Look At The First Couple Of Locations To Make The List && Make My Way Down To The Most Haunted Site On Merseyside Over The Comin Weeks.. The List Includes Stories Of The Most Haunted Street In The World, A Wailin Banshee, A Vampire && Many More.. Also, If You Hve Ever Seen A Ghost Or Anythin You Think Was Supernatural Then Let Us Know In The Comments.. So Here Goes With The First Couple Of Locations To Make The List…