Free Wi-Fi Calls On BBM

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The bear’s favourite phone maker has decided to offer free Wi-Fi calls to users via the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) app. The app, which already allows an alternative to text messages, will now include BBM Voice which will only work if both caller and recipient are using the program. This is the latest effort to keep users loyal to the platform ahead of the much-delayed release of the latest version of its operating system. The Blackberry 10 system is due to launch on 30th January with new handsets running it available immediately afterwards.

Edward’s Column #10

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Hello and welcome to my monthly technology column. Quite a few of you have been complaining that Jammy Toast does not display properly on your phones and pads. We have also seen for ourselves that the 3D revolving slider on our homepage will not display at all on anything Apple; iMac, iPad or iPhone – simply because Apple refuses to support Flash. For the most part, this is something that is out of our hands. However, we have been looking for a responsive theme for Jammy Toast for some time now; but don’t hold your breath while you wait. At the moment we love the look of Jammy Toast and if we are to change it then there really will have to be something better out there before we make the move.

Latest On The Blackberry Saga

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RIM, the owner of Blackberry, has said today that its services “have improved significantly” following a three day global outage. Yesterday the outage reached America and Canada where they quickly issued an apology – more than we got for days! The service does now seem to be back up and running with some delays caused by the company having to deal with a backlog of messages. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Here We Go Again!

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It appears that all our friends with Blackberry phones have suffered another outage just hours after the company said all services were “operating normally”. The initial outage saw Blackberry services across Europe disrupted after the company blamed its core and back-up switch failures. Our own service was restored yesterday afternoon but by tea-time it had all gone south again.

Blackberry Outage

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As most of you probably know by now, Blackberry has suffered a massive blackout which affected most of Europe. Millions of Blackberry users were left without email, web browsing and messaging following the crash at around 11am yesterday. It also meant that many of you could not get onto Jammy Toast and could not message or email Razzi and the Bears. Apologies also to everyone who was awoken at 6am this morning by some of our messages – we did not send them at that ungodly hour but that is the time Blackberry restored its services.

Tonight’s Post Lost In The Airwaves

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Today has been a disaster, which has led to no new post at 6pm as we have promised to do every day. I was out working and so I thought we would set up the remote posting feature on WordPress which would mean I could post from my Blackberry. Unfortunately, Edward forgot to turn on the XML-RPC service which enables this to work.