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Davidd Was Tellin Me The Other Day That Blogs Used To Hve A Thing Called A Blogroll.. It Was A Simple Idea Bt One That I Thought Was Dead Good.. It Was Just A List On Ya Blog Of Other Blogs That Ya Used To Read So That If Anyone Lykd Ur Blog Then They Could Go && Read Other Blogs That Was On The Same Subject.. Everyone Used To Hve One.. I Lyk The Idea That Ya Read One Blog Then Click On A Random Blog In Their Blogroll && It Took You To Another Blog.. You Could Do It For Hours Readin Stuff That Might Be Good Or It Might Be A Pile Of Doodoo, Thats The Chance Ya Take.. If Ya Were Bored You Could Spend Hours Doin It.. So I Thought It Would Be Good If We Started One..

Hello From Andreaa

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Hiya, I Know Most Of Yas Know Me From On The Old Jammy Toast But Some Of Yas Might Be New, So I Thought I Better Introduce Meself To Yas.. My Name Is Andreaa, Davidd Has Said I Can Come && Write Stories On Here For Yas All.. I Have No Idea What Am Doing Bloggin, It Is All My Mate Davidds Fault.. He Says That I Always Make Him Laugh When I Just Chat Shit, So I Should Start A Blog.. So I Wrote On Jammy Toast For A Bit && I Found That I Liked It.. So, Davidd Helped Me Start Me Own Blog Off.. Davidd Loved It So Now He Has Invited Me To Come Back On The New Jammy Toast && Help Him Write Stuff && Look After The Bears.. To Be Honest, I Think He Just Wants Me To Clean Up All The Bear Shit With A Poop-A-Scooper!! When I First Knew Davidd, I Didnt Even Know What A Blog Was.. Davidd Had To Tell Me It Is Lyk A Website Where Ya Write Stuff That Is In Ya Head && People Read It && Leave Comments Agreein With Ya Or Arguin About What Ya Wrote.. I Am Dead Good At Arguin So I Dont Mind Tha Lyk.. So If Ya Ever Want To, Feel Free To Write A Comment About Me Stories..