The Rest Of The Nutters

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Told Yas The Story Of Purple Aki The Other Day && Before I Went On Holiday I Told Yas All About Pete The Pigeon && The Williamson Square Smasher.. Today I Thought I Would Tell Yas All About The Other Nutters.. Or At Least Some Of The Others We Hve Got In Liverpool.. If I Ever Ask Anyone Wot Is Their Favourite Story Wot I Hve Wrote They Always Say The Nutters.. Everyone Pure Loves A Nutter, So Ages Ago I Told Me Dad That Everyone Loved His Nutter Stories && He Was Gettin All Famous On Himself.. It Was Me Dad Who First Told Me About Them Ya See && He Was Made Up That Yas All Lyked Them.. He Was Gettin All Big Headed && I Had To Tell Him To Calm Down It Was Just Stories On A Blog It Wasnt Britains Got Talent Or Nothin..

The Andreaa Angel Show #100

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appy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Andreaa, happy birthday to me .. so it is my 100th birthday && it looks like the world is going to end .. Work has been mental with people calling me a slut because we haven’t got any toilet rolls .. People have been bulk buying everything that doesn’t move .. What is it with toilet rolls?? We had one deliverry driver gettin’ a plate thrown at him because he had no toilet rolls on his lorry && then the next one had 8 cages of toilet rolls that was sold before it even got on the shop floor .. Fukkin’ mental .. Any way for me 100th i wanted to tell ya some of me bestest stuff wot i have wrote for me Show && that is about the nuttas from around liverpool .. the last few times ive told yous all about Purple Akii && Billy Beephorn, Jacko Nesbit, Jaffa The Kaffa && all the Kurby nuttas so this week am gonna tell yas the best of the Andreaa Show with the nuttas from me dad’s pub in Liverpool .. It’s called the Post Office && it’s in School Lane…

The Angry Andreaa Show #12

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ytee Everyy1 Puree Luvvd Daa Fingg Wee Didd Abwtt Daa Nuttas .. I didd 1 Abwtt Liverpooll && Davidd Didd 1 Abwtt Birkenheadd ,, Hee Alwayys Copiess Mee Yernoo .. Soo Att Daa Weekendd A Wentt Too Mee Dadds && Toldd Himm I Wozz Puree Tellinn Yaas All Abwtt Daa Nuttas && Hee Wozz Lykk Gettinn All Famouss Onn Himselff .. AA Wozz Likee Dadd ,, Itss Onlii A Fukkinn Blogg Itss Nott Britanss Gott Talentt Daa Yaa Onn .. Fukkinn Bigg Edd Himm Yernoo !!