The Bus Nutter

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While Ago, I Wrote Yas About The Nutters Of Liverpool. People Lyk Purple Aki, Billy Beephorn, Jacko Nesbit && All Them.. Everyone Said How Much They Loved The Stories && Wanted Me To Write More For Yas.. The Only Thing Was I Got The Stories About The Nutters Off Me Dad && He Didnt Know Anymore.. I Think The Last One I Done Was About Pete The Pigeon; A Guy Who Feeds Pigeons All Around Liverpool && The Council Goes F*ckin Crazy Cos They Say That He Encourages Them To Be A Pest, Stealin Food && Tha.. So Me Dad Said He Didnt Know Any More Nutters && If I Wanted Any More Stories I Would Hve To Come Up With Me Own.. At The Time I Was Like, I Dont Know Any Nutters Bt Today I Hve Remembered One Tha I Actually Met Meself..