Molly’s Pictures #9

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y name is Molly and my teddy bear is called Tott, we live next door to Davidd with my Crayola’s. One day, I saw Davidd’s teddy bears through the window and asked him who they where and how many did he have. Davidd told me they are very special teddy bears who he rescued because children have grown too old for them and they didnt want them anymore. One of his bears used to belong to an old lady who was sick and she said she wanted her teddy bear to go and live with Davidd when she died. I have told Davidd that when I grow too old to have teddy bears any more I want Tott to go and live with him. When Davidd was still running Jammy Toast I asked him if I could draw pictures for him to put on the blog and he said yes. So now Andreaa has said that I can draw pictures on her blog — but only if it is good enough of course…

C is for Cookie

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ello Bear followers, my name is Edward and I am a new member of the MEFFS Bears so I thought I would come along and say “Hello”. Everyone thinks because I went to University that I am too clever to be a MEFFS Bear but I am just as silly as all the others. I think you should all know that I still watch Sesame Street and my favourite character is the Cookie Monster. I even have his CD…