Andreaa’s Diary #14

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So I Was Tellin Davidd That Me && Gary Was Tryin To Get Married Before The Baby Is Born Even If It Means Am A Big Fat Heffer Goin Down The Aisle.. So He Asked Me Wot Me New Surname Was Goin To Be Cos Obvs, I Wouldnt Be Kurby Girl Anymore.. So I Told Him That Gary Has A Double Barrelled Surname That Begins With The Letters DC Bt I Really Want To Keep My Own Surname Which Begins With C (Sorry, I Know I Lied Bt Kurby Aint Me Real Name).. Whenever Davidd Sees A Chance To Take The Piss His Brain Works Faster Than Stephen Hawking.. He Says If I Keep My Surname Too That Will Make My Name Andreaa C-DC && My Initials Will Be AC/DC.. He’s Now Callin Me Angus After The AC/DC Guitarist.. Bastid!!

Goodbye 2020 && Good Riddance

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Normally, At The End Of The Year Davidd Or Razzi Writes A “Review Of The Year”, Talkin About All The People Who Have Died That Year && All The Things That Have Happened; Good && Bad.. When He Told Me He Was Goin To Do That This Year, I Said To Forget It, Cos Everyone Is Totally Fed Up Of 2020.. The Whole Year Was Just Shite && Too Many People Have Died.. We Dont Want To Look Back At Them All Dyin, We Want To Look Forward At Some Of The Good Stuff That Is Meant To Be Comin.. Everyone Has Even Been Told To Keep Their Arses In The House On New Years Eve Cos Covid Loves A Big Crowd.. About 20 Million More People In England Have Been Forced To Stay At Home After They Were Pushed Up To Tier 4 At Midnight Last Night.. They Are Joinin Over 20 Million Who Are Already In The Top Tier Where Ya Not Even Allowed To Go Into Someone Else’s House.. The Mad Bit Is That Those 40 Million People Are Not Allowed To Mix With Anyone Else Bt All The Kids Have To Go Back To School On Monday && Mix To Their Hearts Content Lyk.. Its Just Stupid..