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IRang David Last Nite To Check If He Was Postin Me Story About The Liverpool Slums && Tha.. I Couldnt Get No Sense Out Of Him Cos He Was Watchin This Cricket Thingy From India Or Somewhere.. I Called Him A ‘Borin Bastid’ Like I Always Do Cos He Pure Loves Cricket.. He Said How Do I Know Its Borin, I Have Never Watched Cricket.. So Last Night, For A Laugh, I Put It On && Was Watchin It && This Is What I Think About It.. First Of All When Ya Watch The Footy Ya Have Two Teams In Different Colour Kits.. Like Liverpool Are In Red && Everton Are In Blue.. So When Ya Watch The Derby Ya Know Who Is On What Side Cos Of Their Colours.. But In The Cricket, They All Wear White!! How Are Ya Meant To Know What Side They Are On?? That Is The First Crazy Thing Abwt It.. Apparently I Was Watchin An Old Test Match Cos In The Indian Cricket They Do Wear Different Colours.. Davidd Said They Was Just Tryin To Confuse Me.