My Dad

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IHve Three Sisters.. Julie Is The Oldest, Then Vikki, Then Our Danielle && Then Me, The Baby Of The Family.. Thats Four Females && Me Mum, No Wonder Me Dad Left Home, The Poor Bugger.. I Hve Mentioned Me Dad A Few Times In Passing, Bt I Hvent Told Yas Any Details.. He Doesnt Live With Us Cos He Was A Little Shit To Me Mum && I Think I Am The Only One Of Us Who Will Actually Speak To Him.. Sometimes If Me Mum Is Havin A Bad Day, I Find It Extra Hard To Speak To Him && Be Nice.. He Did Used To Live With Us Until I Was About Twelve.. He Was A Normal Dad Who Loved His Football && Went The Pub Now && Then.. He Was Always The Sort Of Dad Who Would Put Stuff On Facebook Lyk, “Good Mornin To My Girls, The Rest Of You Can Go F*ck Urselves..” It Might Be A Bit Tongue-In-Cheek Bt It Was Funny && Always Used To Make Me Laugh.. Bt Two Days After Puttin That On Facey He Would Forget Ur Birthday.. That Is The Sort Of Person He Was, && Still Is Really..