Fifty Years Since Decimalisation

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Was Just Lookin In The Newspaper && There Was A Story About It Bein Fifty Years Since Decimalisation.. It Reminded Me Of Me Granddad Cos He Always Used To Say It Was The Biggest Rip Off That Any Government Ever Come Up With.. Before 1971, In Case Ya Dont Know, We Used To Hve Old Money.. Now Are Ya Ready For This Cos It Gets Confusin Here.. The Old Money Was Called Pounds, Shillings && Pence (£sd).. The First Thing Is, In Todays Money Five Pence Is Written As 5p Bt In Old Money It Was 5d.. What The F*ck Was That All About.. Anyway, They Started Off In Old Money With A Farthing, Then A Half-Penny, Penny, Three Pence (Also Called A Thrupney Bit), Sixpence, Shilling, Two Shillings (Or Two Bob), Half A Crown Then A Crown.. Then The Money Went To Paper Money With A Ten Shillin Note, Pound Note, Five Pounds, Etc.. The Pounds Were More Or Less The Same As They Are Today..