Dusty The Cat

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fter Dogg Died It Was A Couple Of Years Before We Got Luna.. We Was Petless.. One Nite I Was In The Kitchen && Went Out The Back To Put Some Rubbish In The Bin.. There Was Two Eyes Lookin At Me.. At First I Thought It Was A Little Dog So I Said Hello && Went To Fetch Him Wonderin How He Got In Our Garden.. It Wasnt A Dog Though It Was A Cat.. I Said Hello To Him Bt He Was Too Scared To Come Anywhere Near Me.. When I Went Back Inside I Told Me Mum && She Said That She Had Seen It Too Bt It Was Feral && Wouldnt Come Anywhere Near Her.. I Kept Seein It Every So Often Bt He Wouldnt Come Near Me Bt He Never Run Away Either.. He Just Stood Where He Was While I Was Talkin To Him.. This Was Back In The Days When I Worked For The Kwik-E-Mart && I Started Takin Tins Of Salmon && Pieces Of Cooked Chicken That Was Bein Thrown Out For Bein On Its Sell By Date.. It Softened The Cat Up Towards Me && He Started Comin Towards Me Whenever I Went Out The Back In Case I Had Some Salmon For Him..