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We have grown quite fond of Moby recently and have been searching high and low for a video to accompany “Everloving”. This has proven difficult because there doesn’t appear to be an official video to accompany the release of the track and the videos with Moby playing the song live aren’t as good as the original version of the song. So, Houston we have a problem. Then just as we were about to give up on the project, Edward reminded us that back in the very early days of Jammy Toast we used to make our very own videos. Indeed we used to post them on YouTube and they proved quite popular gaining thousands of views. Then Google purchased the video-sharing site and started getting very serious about copyright and our videos were removed. A sad day, indeed!

Nokia 3310 Set For Return

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Well would you Adam and Eve it, the current rumour mill is suggesting that Nokia is planning to bring back their iconic Nokia 3310 phone. Most of our Jammy Toast followers are old enough to remember the 3310 and if you were in the market for a new phone around the year 2000, then the 3310 may well have been the phone you chose. In fact, there are many advantages to using a 3310 as against a modern smartphone. Unlike large screened iPhones and Androids they are not partial to the glass screen cracking and make a sturdy, reliable handsets with a long battery life.

Where Is Edward?

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Some of you may have noticed that we haven’t heard much from Edward lately. He hasn’t written anything for his column for some time and there has been nothing much new in the way of innovation around Jammy Toast. “Has he left home?” I was asked last night. Well, to put everyone out of their misery, he has started wading through all our old posts going back to 2006 when we first started a blog off with a view to starting up an archive of old posts.

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year and welcome to Jammy Toast. If you have been here before then welcome back but if you are a new visitor then make yourselves at home. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, we are always welcome here at Jammy Toast. If this is your first visit then let me introduce ourselves. Here at Jammy Toast we save bears who have been cast adrift into the hands of charity shops and car boot or eBay sales. All these bears need is a happy family home to make them feel loved and wanted – this is where we step in. Our job here at Jammy Toast is to save bears and provide them with a happy home where they can watch daytime telly and play on the internet.

BearTube Update

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Those of you who have been following Jammy Toast for any time will remember that on the old Jammy Toast we used to have Musical Sundays. We have continued this tradition by having our Bear Music days but there were over two hundred videos which were featured on the old Musical Sundays which have now gone. So today, thanks to the phenomenal technical skills of Edward, we have brought back all those missing videos. If you click on the Media menu above and then click on Bear Music you will be taken to the Bear Music page as you would expect. However, if you scroll down below the Bear Music you will find all the old BearTube videos for you to enjoy.

Edward’s Column #31

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Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Edward Bear and I am the bear responsible for technology here at Jammy Toast. I have lived with The Bearkeeper for seven years now, and in that time I have designed blogs and kept our IT equipment running. I have been asked to write a column every now and then on the subject of technology – which is what I am going to start today. Also I will try to keep everyone up to speed with our plans for Jammy Toast. I think The Bearkeeper is thinking of retiring because he is getting everybody else to take over writing on the new Jammy Toast which used to be his job on the old Jammy Toast.


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Please excuse Jammy Toast from going missing for the last few days, we have been playing around with the new version of X. I say “we” but what I really mean is “Edward”. He has been experimenting and finding out just what is possible with the new version of X and its new page-builder; “Cornerstone”. Furthermore, he is thinking of redesigning the home page using some of the new design elements available through X and Cornerstone. Watch this space for future developments…