Old Merseyside #1

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Alittle while ago, Andreaa told us the story of how her family were moved from the slums of Everton Valley out to Kirkby. Many other families were also moved from Everton Valley to Runcorn, Widnes, Kirkby and Skelmersdale. These events happened in the 1960s, before Andreaa was born, but her Granddad raised her with stories from those days. Her family lived in Everton Valley with Andreaa’s mum as a small child. The other day I found a picture of Frances. It shows one of the streets in Everton Valley where Andreaa’s grandparents and her mum lived. The woman in the picture is Frances Pulford who was 72 years old at the time of the photograph being taken. She is featured in the photograph emptying a bucket of washing-up water down a gutter in the street outside the house in which she lived. There were no sinks in any of the nine houses in the road because there were no drains and only one cold water tap for each house. This was life in 1960s Liverpool.