Shameless Returns One Last Time

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Today is a happy and sad day here at Jammy Toast. We are happy because today sees the start of a new series of our favourite television programme Shameless. Sad because this will be the last series ever made after creature Paul Abbot decided he wanted to call it a day while the show was still popular rather than run it into the ground. The programme as changed over the 11 series it has been made to the point now where there is only Frank left from the original series. However, as people have left, new people have taken over and the quality of the show has been maintained.

Shameless To End

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The bears long standing favourite television show is to end. The team behind Shameless has announced that the shows eleventh series, to be showed early next year, will be the last. “Its tenth anniversary seems a fitting time to shut the book,” said creator Paul Abbott, adding that the death of his father had influenced the decision. The final series, currently filming in Manchester, will comprise of 14 episodes. Jammy Toast will never be the same again without our weekly dose from the anarchic Gallagher family.

Bear News #72

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One or two of you have been asking who the “more mature” visitors to the blog are. Previously, because of the Andrea connection, we have attracted half of the female population of Kirkby but now we seem to be getting a little more cosmopolitan with visitors from overseas. In the last few weeks we have had visitors from California, New York, Canada, Australia, parts of Europe and even Russia. Just how they found us we have no idea – we have only ever heard of one Renault Bear from another country and that was indeed from Russia – but please make them feel welcome.