The End Of Another Year

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ast year Razzi wrote his End of Year Address and so this year I thought I would bully my way in and write mine. As the years pass by I do find that I get more and more sentimental. Ask Chimpton, I blubber at anything these days be it films, news or just thoughts jumping around in my head. For some unknown reason I just seem to get sentimental more of the time. I actually got choked up recently when a youth stood up on a bus to give an elderly lady his seat. It was just a basic gesture of kindness and there I was holding back, maybe not the tears, but definitely the feelings and this has been happening so much more frequently recently. When it first happened I thought it was a temporary thing and that my spirits would eventually re-harden returning me to my previous toughened, cynical state. I am still waiting.

The Andreaa Angel Show #84

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ora rang me last week && said it was about time we had a catch up again cos we havent seen each other for yonks.. Me && lora were best mates in school && i hate that we both have busy lives these days where we never see each other any more.. ive got work && shes got two kids && a boyfriend who is a big drug dealer.. Hahaha she says hes not but he has a range rover && about 3 mobile phones so ya can make ya own minds up.. i bet hes not really but we always have a laugh that he is.. So we decided to meet for a bevy in the Cater’s Arms near ours because shes a wool && lives in St Helens && i always get lost when i try && meet her out there.. So monday am on an early so said i could meet her monday night if her fella can look after the kids or she can get a sitter.. It was fine for her so we agreed to met in the pub on monday night..