The Happiest Days Of Your Life

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IHated School && Used To Do Anythin To Get Out Of Goin.. Ya Hear People Talkin About Them Bein The Happiest Days Of Ya Life, Bt I Reckon They Just Say That To Get Ya To Go.. The Other Day I Was Drivin Past Our Old School && I Suddenly Realised That It Is Ten Years Since I Left.. Ive Been Up The School With Our Alisha So I Know Some Of Our Old Teachers Are Still There Bt I Didnt Even Realise It Was Like Ten Years, It Give Me A Shock.. I Started Thinkin About The Place && All The Old Memories Of The Shit Me && Lorah Used To Get Into Come Floodin Back.. Memories From Before She Got Excluded Anyway!!

I See Dead People

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I wonder if this could be my twin sister?

ICalled This Story, ‘I See Dead People’ Which Is Not Really True. I Dont Actually See The Dead People Bt I Do Talk To Them.. Before I Become A Psychic Though, I Better Tell Yas Its Only With Members Of Me Family.. Me Nan Comes For A Chat All The Time && If Me Granddad Is Not Busy He Sometimes Comes && Says Hello.. They Never Come Together, Which Is A Bit Weird.. The Two Babies That I Lost Listen To Me All The Time Bt They Never Say Much.. I Think That Is Because They Were So Young When They Died.. Ya Stay The Same Age Forever After Ya Die.. I Think That Is Why That 27 Club All Died So Young Ya Know.. Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison && Kurt Cobain && Them.. I Think If Ya Talk To Dead People Then It Doesnt Hurt So Much That They Have Gone && Ya Cant Talk Or See Them No More.. I Was Really Close To Me Granddad && He Is Probably The One I Miss The Most Because He Used To Live With Us.. Because I Talk To Him Though, It Means I Dont Miss Him Quite So Much.. Bt Here Is The Nuts Thing, This Girl Comes To See Me && Says Shes My Twin Sister, Bt I Never Had A Twin..