Jammy Toast Person Of The Year

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he Other Day, “Time” — The Magazine Thingy — Picked Their “Person Of The Year”. I Thought It Would Be A Good Idea If We Picked Our “Jammy Toast Person Of The Year”… && I Get To Pick, So Davidd Can Stop Trying To Geg In!! Probably The Person I Admire The Most This Year Is Greta Thunberg.. She Is Only Young && Yet Is Not Scared To Stand Up For What She Believes In To Anybody. The Only Thing I Dont Understand, Is Why Do People Hate Her?? She Tells The Truth, Which Is More Than The Politians Do.. I Think The Hate Is Because They Are Ashamed That Someone So Young Should Be Tellin Them Stuff That Is True.. I Love Her Because She Doesnt Take Shit Off No One.. How Many Teenagers Do You Know Who Have Had Donald Trump && Vladimir Putin Attack Them Personally?? They Say She Over Simplifies The Complex Issues Of Global Warming, I Think It Is The Other Way Round, They Over Complicate It. But Why Do They Refuse To Meet With Her, Surely If She Is Wrong, They Can Point Out The Error Of Her Ways.. No, They Refuse To Take Her Seriously Because They Know She Would Run Them Round In Circles.. Does She Get Personal?? No She Replied, “It’s Quite Hilarious When The Only Thing People Can Do Is Mock You, Or Talk About Your Appearance Or Personality, As It Means They Have No Argument Or Nothing Else To Say..”