The Andreaa Angel Show #61

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Jamie Scarlet pictured with our Andreaa Angel.

This is my last Andreaa Angel Show for a few weeks because as you probably remember I am goin’ on holiday to Turkey.. I fly out on Sunday with my mate Zoe for two weeks of fun && shinanigans – but not too many shinanigans! I am sort of stuck in the middle of somethin’ that I need to tell yas all about.. Last week, I forgot to tell ya me new boyfriend’s name so ya all started callin’ him “The Pope”.. Well his name is Jamie && I’ve really started likin’ him.. I know I said last week that I fall for people too easy && that I am goin’ to take it easy with Jamie but I can’t help it – I really like him.. I’ve told Zoe that when we go to Turkey am not goin’ for a shagfest this time am bein’ a good girl.. Let’s just say she ain’t too happy about it.. Even Davidd says he can’t believe it && he’s known me longer than anyone.. I have always been a “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” kinda girl..

The Angry Andreaa Show #32

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Hiya Toasters, am back from me holibobs so Davidd said I had to tell yas all about it. So I went to Turkey again because I have been goin there for years and I know loads of people there. The only problem was a Hurricane decided to come on its holiday to Turkey too. I cant remember its name so I have been calling it Hurricane Sally. It lasted for about three days where it was really windy and it was raining and thundering too. I bloody hate thunder it scares the life out of me. When I told Davidd about it he said I needed a Thunder Buddy to get me through it.