The Andreaa Angel Show #100

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appy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Andreaa, happy birthday to me .. so it is my 100th birthday && it looks like the world is going to end .. Work has been mental with people calling me a slut because we haven’t got any toilet rolls .. People have been bulk buying everything that doesn’t move .. What is it with toilet rolls?? We had one deliverry driver gettin’ a plate thrown at him because he had no toilet rolls on his lorry && then the next one had 8 cages of toilet rolls that was sold before it even got on the shop floor .. Fukkin’ mental .. Any way for me 100th i wanted to tell ya some of me bestest stuff wot i have wrote for me Show && that is about the nuttas from around liverpool .. the last few times ive told yous all about Purple Akii && Billy Beephorn, Jacko Nesbit, Jaffa The Kaffa && all the Kurby nuttas so this week am gonna tell yas the best of the Andreaa Show with the nuttas from me dad’s pub in Liverpool .. It’s called the Post Office && it’s in School Lane…

The Angry Andreaa Show #7

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astt Munff I told Yass Abwt Purple Ackky And Soo Davidd Saiid I hadd To Askk Me Dadd Abwt Daa Ova Nuttas Wot Live Inn Liverpool .. Soo Whenn ii Wentt To Hiss ii Askdd Hmm Ndd Hee Wozz Lykk ” Shuttupp Andreaa ,, Amm Puree Watchinn Daa Footii ” .. A Saidd iff Yaa Dntt Talkk Too Mee Amm Gwin .. Mahh Dadss Puree Inn aa Moodd Coz Hes Jus Got Daa Internett Buu Daa Dogs Bit Threw The Wiree .. Hahaa !! Soo Der Gettin It Sorted Hee Saidd .. Soo ii Askkd Himm Abwt Daa Nuttass Ndd Diss Iss Wott Hee SAid ..