Jammy Toast In Turmoil As Jezza Is Suspended

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We all got up this morning to a normal Monday morning of breaky and Jezza. The bears all downed their Jammy Toast and started to gather around the telly awaiting the start of The Jeremy Kyle Show. Wait a minute, what’s happened to Jezza, he’s put a bit of beef on and he’s gone a bit mad with the fake tan? While we’re on the subject, why is he selling antiques at an auction? No, that’s not Jezza, that’s David Dickinson! What is Dickinson’s Real Raw Deal doing on at this time of the morning? We saw no announcement and viewers were turning to Twitter to ask ITV why the show was not on this morning. One in particular asking, “Where has Jeremy Kyle gone? #FindJezza.”

Jeremy Kyle Splits From Wife

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One of Jammy Toast’s favourite daytime telly stars, Jeremy Kyle, has split from his model wife, just months after moaning on television that they had not had sex for ages. The ITV star, 49, is said to have separated amicably from wife Carla Germaine after 13 years, and three children, together. He is best known for coping with the fall-out from other people’s relationship troubles during his morning television talk show. This comes after he made a frank admission about his sex life during his show in June, while interrogating a woman about whether she’d cheated on her partner.

Bear News #72

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One or two of you have been asking who the “more mature” visitors to the blog are. Previously, because of the Andrea connection, we have attracted half of the female population of Kirkby but now we seem to be getting a little more cosmopolitan with visitors from overseas. In the last few weeks we have had visitors from California, New York, Canada, Australia, parts of Europe and even Russia. Just how they found us we have no idea – we have only ever heard of one Renault Bear from another country and that was indeed from Russia – but please make them feel welcome.

Lazy Bears

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Sometimes I wonder why I bother speaking to these Bears, they are that lazy. This morning I left them with implicit instructions that they were to tidy up and put the Christmas tree up. Razzi and I have just come in now, after a hard day at work, to find the tree still in its box and the place is still an untidy mess. So much for my implicit instructions!

Bear Interview #1: Jeremy Kyle

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Jeremy Kyle is one of only eight official Heroes of The Bears. This demonstrates how highly we all think of him. Therefore, it was brilliant news when he agreed to let us interview him for the first in a new series of posts. He was born in London where he began his career in radio, hosting the late-night show “Confessions” on Capital Radio. Four years ago, he moved into television, as the host of The Jeremy Kyle Show, which attracts 1.5 million viewers daily. Next year, he will present a version of his show for the American market.

Jeremy Kyle

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As you will be aware if you read this blog often, The Bears pass most of their days watching daytime television. One of their biggest heroes on daytime telly is Jeremy Kyle. With re-runs and ITV-2 showing old shows, The Bears can spend up to 3 hours a day watching Jeremy and they love every minute of it.