The Angry Andreaa Show #25

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Police searching off Whitefield Drive in Kirkby.

Yas Must Know By Now That I Live In Kirkby And I Admit Its Not The Best Place In The World And Ya Can Even Call It Rough.. But Its Not As Bad As Dee Make Out.. I Was Lookin’ In Da Echo The Other Night && The Only Stories I Found About Kirkby Was A Drug Dealer Getting Jailed, A Woman Slashed In The Stomach During A Fight, A Woman Who Had Bricks Thrown At Her By Lads Tryin To Steal Her Dog, A Woman In Another Fight Had Her Finger Bitten Off, Armed Police Called To A Gang Armed With Baseball Bats, A Triple High-Speed Car Chase Through Kirkby Involving Two Burglars && The Vile Bastards Who Neglected Their Mother && Left Her To Be Eaten Alive By Maggots.. Fuck Me That Was Just In Kirkby On One Day!!

The Angry Andreaa Show #23

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IHope Yas Are Likin Me Stories About Kirkby Folklore Coz I Fink Dee Are Deaed Good Like.. So Dis Week I Thought I Would Tell Yas The Story Of White Man’s Dam.. This Is Like A Big Lake Between Kirkby && Knowsley,, It Is Near Knowsley Safari Park.. Years Ago There Was A Village There Wiff About A Hundred Houses && Some Farms.. The Village Was Called Stockbridge && It Was Along A Road Called Jack’s Brow.. There Is A Village There Today Called Stockbridge Village But That Is A New Village && Its Not Even In The Same Place As The Old One From Years Ago.. The Old One Was Right Next To Da Lake But The New One Is Near Dovecot..

The Angry Andreaa Show #22

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Hiya,, I Am Still Ere Cozz Daa Devil Never Got Me Last Week On Alt Bridge — I Stayed In Bed All Day.. Some Of Yas Said That We Nicked The Story From Other Places Like In Wales,, But How Do Yas Know We Never Had The Story First?? Its Funny How Stories Get Passed Around The Country && Years Later People Think It Is Their Story.. Next To Kirkby We Have A Place Called Melling Which If Yas Ever Watch The National Horse Race You Might Have Heard Of The Melling Road.. Well Years Ago Melling && Simonswood Usta Be Big Fat Moorlands && Woods .. Now In The Woods Lived The Hobs && The Bogs Who Were Like Small Hairy Men.. There Are Other Stories Around England && Wales About Hobs && Bogs But They Are Called Hobgoblins && Boggarts Everywhere Else.. In Kirkby They Are Called Hobs && Bogs!!

The Angry Andreaa Show #21

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In Kirkbyy Therr Iss A Riverr Calledd Daa River Alt && Therr Iss A Storry Thatt Yearss Agoo Therr Wass A Farmerr Whoo Livedd Nearr Thee Riverr .. The Womann Whoo Ownedd Thee Farmm Usedd Too Groww Stuff && Sell Itt At Kirkbyy Markett Everyy Fridayy – MArkett Dayy .. Shee Also Keptt A Coww Forr Milkk .. Daa Farmm Wass Onn The Bankk Off The River Alt Whichh Iss Quitee Deep && Flowws Deadd Fastt .. Thee Oldd Storyy Goess Datt Whilee Shee Livedd Onn Onee Sidee Off The Rivver The Devill Livedd Onn The Otherr Sidee .. Wuddnt Yaa Knoww Iff Daa Devill Livedd Anywheer Hee Wudd Havee Too Pikk Kirkby !!

The Angry Andreaa Show #18

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Bakk Inn Daa 1970s Mee Dadd Livedd Inn Liverpooll Nott Farr Fromm Daa Cityy Centrre Wiff Hiss Maa && Daa .. Daa Housess Dee Livedd Inn Weree Deadd Oldd .. Daa Councill Decidedd Dee Weree Goingg Too Knokk Emm All Downn && Soo Mee Dadd && Hiss Maa && Daa Gott Kikked Owtt Too Kirkbyy .. Evenn Thoo Dee Wozz Gettinn Movedd Fromm Oldd Houses — Wiff Daa Toilett Outsidee Inn Daa Yardd — To Neww Housess ,, Noo Onee Wantdd Too Goo .. Mee Dadd Saidd Inn Daa Oldd Housee Everry Oness Frontt Door Wozz Openn && Peeps just Ustaa Walkk Intoo Eachh Otherrs Houses Cozz Dee Wozz All Matess .. Butt Inn Kirkbyy Noo Onee Kneww Anyonee && All Dee Old Friendshipps Weree Knockedd Downn Wiff Daa Housess .. Diss Iss A Poemm Daa Summ Onee Wrotee Abowtt Demm Dayss && I THinkk Itts Deadd Gudd…

Razzi Brings Education To A Standstill

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Hot off the presses this week is the news that Erasmus has been invited on not one but TWO holidays this week. First of all Lorah invited him to go on holiday with her for a couple of weeks of sun and relaxation in May. Then when Linzi found out she had an attack of jealousy and said he wasn’t allowed to go and that Lorah would just have to pick another bear to go and that Razzi was going on holiday with her to Butlins in June.