Jammy Ghost Stories #2

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The River Alt In Kirkby With The Devils Bridge In The Background.

As Yas All Know I Live In Kirkby, Which If Ya Know Liverpool Is Sposed To Be A Dead Rough Area.. I Dont Think It Is That Bad Its Like Most Places, There Are Good People && There Are Bad People Bt Unlike Most Places The Devil Used To Live Here In Kirkby… Or Thats What Local Legend Says Anyway.. The Story Goes That Years Ago Near The River Alt There Was A Farm && The Woman Who Owned The Farm Used To Grow Stuff On The Farm && Sell It On Kirkby Market.. We Still Have A Market Day Goin Today.. The Woman Also Kept A Cow For Milk.. Her Farm Was On One Side Of The River Alt Which Runs Dead Fast && Is Quite Deep.. It Is Said To Be Quite Dangerous && People Have Drowned There Over The Years.. On The Other Side Of The River Lived The Devil..

Back Buchanan Street

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IOnly Know About Livin In Kirkby Cos I Never Lived Nowhere Else.. Bt Me Granddad Used To Tell Me Stories About Livin In Everton Valley In Liverpool.. None Of The Houses That He Used To Live In Are Left Now, They Was All Knocked Down Because They Used To Call Them Slums.. Thousands Of People Woz Kicked Out Of Their Homes && Had To Move To Either Kirkby, Speke, Widnes Or Skelmersdale.. Just So They Could Knock Their Houses Down.. Me Granddad Said It Was Called Progress Bt Really It Was Just Slum Clearance.. He Said That The City Changed Forever.. Scotland Road (Or Scottie Road As Everyone Calls It) && Everton Valley Was Basically Bulldozed To The Ground.. Even Though No One Wanted It To Happen, It Was Still Flatened..

Andreaa’s Diary #3 (From Self-Isolation)

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So Its Thursday && I Am Meant To Be Writin My Diary Bt What Do Ya Write When Ya Stuck In The House Bored.. The Highlight Of Me Week So Far Was Drivin Me Mum To The Asda To Get The Shoppin.. Kill Me Now!! I Am Bein Quite Good Though As I Hvent Even Seen Gary Cos He Has To Isolate In His Own House.. If We Stick To The New Tier 3 Rules We Arent Really Meant To See Each Other Even After The Fourteen Days.. When Ya In Tier 3 Ya Not Meant To Mix With Other People Who Dont Live In Ya House Bt I Think Ya Can Get Round That By Creatin A Support Bubble.. Two Single People Who Live Alone Can Create A Support Bubble It Says On The Website.. Or If Ya Live With Someone (Lyk Me Mum) Ya Can Create A Bubble As Long As The Other Person Ya Live With Doesnt Create A Bubble.. Oh F*Ck Off This Was Meant To Be Makin It Easy, Ya Need To Be A Solicitor To Understand This Load Of B*llocks!!

Hello From Andreaa

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Hiya, I Know Most Of Yas Know Me From On The Old Jammy Toast But Some Of Yas Might Be New, So I Thought I Better Introduce Meself To Yas.. My Name Is Andreaa, Davidd Has Said I Can Come && Write Stories On Here For Yas All.. I Have No Idea What Am Doing Bloggin, It Is All My Mate Davidds Fault.. He Says That I Always Make Him Laugh When I Just Chat Shit, So I Should Start A Blog.. So I Wrote On Jammy Toast For A Bit && I Found That I Liked It.. So, Davidd Helped Me Start Me Own Blog Off.. Davidd Loved It So Now He Has Invited Me To Come Back On The New Jammy Toast && Help Him Write Stuff && Look After The Bears.. To Be Honest, I Think He Just Wants Me To Clean Up All The Bear Shit With A Poop-A-Scooper!! When I First Knew Davidd, I Didnt Even Know What A Blog Was.. Davidd Had To Tell Me It Is Lyk A Website Where Ya Write Stuff That Is In Ya Head && People Read It && Leave Comments Agreein With Ya Or Arguin About What Ya Wrote.. I Am Dead Good At Arguin So I Dont Mind Tha Lyk.. So If Ya Ever Want To, Feel Free To Write A Comment About Me Stories..