Final Journey To The Land Of The Early To Bed

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The M62 is the highest motorway in Britain.

Ihave told before of my visits to Yorkshire – the land of the early to bed. My first visit was about five/six years ago when I discovered that everyone in Rippon is in bed by 8pm. At least this time we were driving there – which took just over an hour and a half – instead of the nine hours that National Express takes. So everything being equal, it shouldn’t be that bad and today we are going to a place in Bradford rather than Rippon. So Razzi and I set off driving through Liverpool and, of course, everything is normal but the further we venture down the M62 and the closer we get to Bradford, the more it seems like we are driving onto the set of The League of Gentlemen.

Off To The Land Of The Two Quid Lucozade

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As we have told you all before, from time to time Razzi and I head off to the Land of The Early to Bed to collect or drop off a car. We call it that because we once stayed there and the whole place closed down at 8pm and went to bed; including all the chippies, off licenses – in fact, you name it and it was closed by 8pm. That is Ripon for you. Today we returned to the general area but a little further along the M62 towards Leeds. I don’t know about RIPPON, we would like to re-christen that place RIPOFF or The Land of the Two Quid Lucozade. Furthermore, when we say we purchased a bottle, we do not mean a monstrous two litre jobby with enough Lucozade to drown in – we are talking about the smallest bottle you can buy which usually retails for around 99p. At Leeds Railway Station they sell the same bottle for TWO QUID!