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Me enjoying the night with my friend Victoria. Someone keep an eye open for David.

Hello again everyone. Seeing as we have restarted Jammy Toast, I thought I would pop along and say hello, even though I am pretty sure most of you will know me already. Just in case you are new to these parts, I thought I better introduce myself because I am a very polite bear. My name is Erasmus Bear, or ‘Razzi’ for short, and I was rescued from Holland where I was no longer wanted by my former little friend. So many years ago, Davidd brought me over to join his menagerie. Everyone seemed to grow to love me straight away because I am not a good bear like most of the others – I can be quite naughty. I am what Davidd calls a ‘playbear’ – that’s like a playboy but in bear form just in case you couldn’t work that out. As you can see from the picture above, I am very fond of some ‘girlie’ celebrities which seems to make me even more of a naughty bear in some people’s eyes – needless to say, David Beckham was in America when that photo was taken.