Andreaa’s Diary #3 (From Self-Isolation)

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o Its Thursday && I Am Meant To Be Writin My Diary Bt What Do Ya Write When Ya Stuck In The House Bored.. The Highlight Of Me Week So Far Was Drivin Me Mum To The Asda To Get The Shoppin.. Kill Me Now!! I Am Bein Quite Good Though As I Hvent Even Seen Gary Cos He Has To Isolate In His Own House.. If We Stick To The New Tier 3 Rules We Arent Really Meant To See Each Other Even After The Fourteen Days.. When Ya In Tier 3 Ya Not Meant To Mix With Other People Who Dont Live In Ya House Bt I Think Ya Can Get Round That By Creatin A Support Bubble.. Two Single People Who Live Alone Can Create A Support Bubble It Says On The Website.. Or If Ya Live With Someone (Lyk Me Mum) Ya Can Create A Bubble As Long As The Other Person Ya Live With Doesnt Create A Bubble.. Oh F*Ck Off This Was Meant To Be Makin It Easy, Ya Need To Be A Solicitor To Understand This Load Of B*llocks!!