The Happiest Days Of Your Life

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IHated School && Used To Do Anythin To Get Out Of Goin.. Ya Hear People Talkin About Them Bein The Happiest Days Of Ya Life, Bt I Reckon They Just Say That To Get Ya To Go.. The Other Day I Was Drivin Past Our Old School && I Suddenly Realised That It Is Ten Years Since I Left.. Ive Been Up The School With Our Alisha So I Know Some Of Our Old Teachers Are Still There Bt I Didnt Even Realise It Was Like Ten Years, It Give Me A Shock.. I Started Thinkin About The Place && All The Old Memories Of The Shit Me && Lorah Used To Get Into Come Floodin Back.. Memories From Before She Got Excluded Anyway!!


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IKeep Talkin About Me Mate Lorah Bt I Have Never Told Yas How I Know Her && Stuff.. It Was Years Ago When I Was In School && I Went Into Me Classroom To Do Registration && There Was This Weird Lookin Girl Sittin Next To The Teachers Desk.. I Didnt Know Who She Was So Just Bein Funny I Asked Her If She Was Lyk The New Teacher.. She Didnt Answer Me She Just Give Me A Funny Look && Snarled Me.. I Just Thought Right F*ck You, Am Not Arsed.. Soon After Tha Our Teacher Come In && Told Everyone To Sit Down.. Then She Said That This Girl Sittin Next To Her Desk Was Lorah && She Was Comin To Our School On A Transfer.. The Only People Who Transfered To Our School Woz Because They Got Excluded From Their School So I Said, “Who Did Ya Kill To Get Excluded From Ya Old School??” Our Teacher Went Mental && Told Me To Mind Me Own Buziness So I Knew It Was True, She Was Excluded From Her Old School..

Ian Peters

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IWas Watchin Telly The Other Night && They Had A Programme On Showin All Old Comedy Clips Of Peter Kay.. There Was All Them Ones About Garlic Bread && Tha && Everyone Was Killin Themselves Laughin At Him.. Even Gary Was Chucklin Away To Himself && I Said He Was Funny Bt Me && Lorah Used To Go To School With A Lad Who Was Way Funnier Than Him.. His Name Was Ian Peters.. He Was In Our Class At School && He Used To Hve Me && Lorah Pissin Ourselves At Some Of The Stuff He Said.. I Cant Remember Most Of It Bt He Would Say Somethin That Made Ya Laugh && Before Ya Finished Laughin He Would Say Somethin Else && Ya Had To Tell Him To Stop It In The End Otherwise Ya Really Would Wet Yaself..