Andreaa’s Diary #10

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Our Luna Is Not The Best House Dog In The World.. If Someone Knocks On Our Door The Worst She Does Is Sigh Cos They Woke Her Up.. So Lately We Hve Been Wonderin Why She Is Barkin At The Back Door All The Time.. She Barks, We Open The Door Cos We Think She Wants To Go Out For Her Business && She Just Runs Out Growlin && Snarling.. There Is Nothin There Though.. I Hve Been Out With Her, Me Mum Has Been Out With Her && Gary Has Been Out With Her.. None Of Us Can See What She Is Barkin At Or What Has Upset Her.. The Fireworks Was My First Thought Bt They Hve Been Finished For Weeks Now.. There Is Not Even The Odd Stray One That Ya Get For Days After Bommy Night.. When She Comes Back Inside After Bein Out It Is Lyk She Is On Edge Too.. So Somethin Is Upsettin Her.. Gary Has Even Hidden In The Garden Waitin For Luna To Kick Off && Then When She Does He Would Be In The Perfect Spot To See What It Was.. Except When She Did Kick Off, He Couldnt See A Thing.. Davidd Even Said It Might Be The Sock Robbers Bt Hes Just A Tw*t!!

Andreaa’s Diary #1

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On The Old Jammy Toast I Used To Write For Yas Every Thursday && Tell Yas What I Was Doin With Me Life.. So Today Am Goin To Start Doin The Same Thing As I Used To.. Every Thursday I Will Write Yas Andreaas Diary Just Lyk On The Old Jammy Toast.. Just In Case Ya New To Jammy Toast, I Usually Write About Me In Work Or About My Family && Sometimes About Gary, Me Boyfriend Or Luna Me Dog.. Me Diary Will Be About What Is Happenin To Me Recently, Not Old Stuff So Ya Can Keep Track Of Me && Tha.. I Hpe Ya Gonna Lyk It, Davidd Says Its Better Than Coronation Street Except I Hve Never Been On A Tram Crashin Off The Viaduct, Lyk..