Men Ain’t Shit

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AFew Of Me Mates Have This Saying, “Men Ain’t Shit!!” Everytime I Hear That It Makes Me Laugh.. I Never Did Me GCSE In English Bu I Do Know What A Double-Negative Is, So It Doesnt Really Make Sense.. I Still Get What They Mean Though.. Most Of The Mates Am Talkin About Have Been Cheated On By Lads Which Is Why They Use The Saying.. I Have Told You Before About The Miscarriage I Had When I Was With Liam Bu I Also Had Another One When I Was With Anthony.. I Know It Is A Man Thing To Block Out All The Painful Shit In Their Lives Bu The Reason We Split Up Was That He Just Wouldnt Talk To Me About Our Miscarriage.. I Know Inside He Was Hurtin, Probably Just As Bad As Me, Bu He Would Never Talk To Me About It Or Even Let Us Comfort Each Other.. I Have Often Thought About Him Since && I Hoped He Was Okay, I Dont Wish Him Any Harm, I Dont Have Any Reason To.. The Miscarriage Wasnt His Fault It Was Just Life..