Andreaa’s Funnies #37

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Hiya.. Davidd has moved me again so am now on at 6 o’clock of a Saturday with all the funnies.. In case yaas dont know, every week I play yas sumthin funny.. It dont matter who it is or where it is from it just has to be funny to make us all laugh.. Theres enough misserable fuckers in the world so i want to makes yas all laugh!! When we first started we played yas Billy && Wally’s Hold Ya Plums, Snelly’s Phone Scams, FoneJackers, Terry Tibbs, George Agdgdgwngo and even Mr Doovda.. Then we found Paul Smith from Dovecot who is a new comedian && dead funny.. Now though it doesnt have to be scousers they just have to be funny && if ya want me to play one of ya faves just message me && i will try me best..