I Used To Get Spoilt At Christmas

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IUsed To Love Christmas When I Was Little.. I Was Spoilt Rotten Cos I Had Three Christmasses Every Year.. On Christmas Eve I Would Go && Stay With My Grandparents && Have A Christmas There.. Then I Would Come Home For Christmas Day && Have A Christmas At Home.. Then On Boxin Day I Would Go Me Other Grandparents && Have Another Christmas There.. Cos I Am The Baby Of The Family It Was Just Me Too At Me Grandparents So I Always Got More Pressies Than All The Others.. Before He Died Me Granddad Used To Live With Us.. He Was Frm Me Mums Side Of The Family, The Other Granddad Is Still Alive, Just In Case Ya Gettin Mixed Up.. I Really Used To Love Me Granddad && Even Though I Was A Terrible Teen At The Time I Would Love It If He Come In Me Room.. Ya See Some Kids Shoutin, “Get Out Me Room!!” At Parents Or Grandparents, Bt I Would Never Shout At Me Granddad.. I Think I Hve Told Yas Some Stories About Him Bein A Hero Durin The War && Even When He Was An Old Man He Never Took Shit Off No One..