The Angry Andreaa Show #25

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Police searching off Whitefield Drive in Kirkby.

Yas Must Know By Now That I Live In Kirkby And I Admit Its Not The Best Place In The World And Ya Can Even Call It Rough.. But Its Not As Bad As Dee Make Out.. I Was Lookin’ In Da Echo The Other Night && The Only Stories I Found About Kirkby Was A Drug Dealer Getting Jailed, A Woman Slashed In The Stomach During A Fight, A Woman Who Had Bricks Thrown At Her By Lads Tryin To Steal Her Dog, A Woman In Another Fight Had Her Finger Bitten Off, Armed Police Called To A Gang Armed With Baseball Bats, A Triple High-Speed Car Chase Through Kirkby Involving Two Burglars && The Vile Bastards Who Neglected Their Mother && Left Her To Be Eaten Alive By Maggots.. Fuck Me That Was Just In Kirkby On One Day!!

Bear News #40

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We are pleased to announce that things are back to normal today following our outage yesterday. We would like to apologise to everyone who tried to access the site only to find an advert for alloy wheels. We have forgiven our domain hosts for their mistake after they offered their own apologies for the mistake, which lead to our domain name not being renewed.