You’ll Never Get Anywhere With Your Attitude

Posted by Andreaa Kurby on
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Why Do Teachers Always Put Ya Down && Basically Shit On Ya Dreams?? I Was Just Thinkin Today To Bak When We Was In Skewl.. The Teachers Always Told Our Gang Of Kids That We Would Never Get Anywhere If We Didnt Do Our Work.. “You Will Never Get Anywhere With Your Attitude, Andreaa..” That Used To Be Me Teachers Favourite Sayin.. We Never Listened Lyk, Bt I Dont Think Most Of Us Have Done That Bad.. Thinkin Of Some Of The Girls Who Were In Our Gang Of Friends, Loads Of Them Have Done Dead Good.. I Think They Have All Done Most Of The Things They Wanted To Do, Even If We Didnt Get GCSEs && That.. So Who Was I In Skewl With && What Are They Doin Today??