The James Street Station Ghost

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The Old James Street Station, Prior to alterations in the 1980s.

IWas Talkin To Davidd The Other Night && We Was Plannin On What Stories To Write For Next Year.. Davidd Said He Pure Luvs Me Ghost Stories && That I Need To Do More After Christmas.. Then He Asked If I Knew That James Street Station Is Haunted.. I Was Lyk What Do Ya Mean?? Davidd Said That James Street Station In Liverpool Is Supposed To Be The Most Haunted Railway Station In The Whole Of England.. I Know It Is Dead Old && Was One Of The First Train Stations In Liverpool.. Before They Built The Railway Tunnel Under The River Mersey, It Was The End Of The Line Where Everyone Got Off && Got The Ferry Boat To Birkenhead.. Bt I Never Knew It Was Haunted.. So Davidd Told Me A Story That Was A Bit Lyk My Ghost At Kirkby Station.. I Was Lyk OMG, I Wonder If It Is The Same Ghost And He Goes On A Little Mission Round Merseyside On The Train..