Another Dogg Story

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he Other Week I Told Yas About Me Dog That I Had When I Was Younger.. Not The One Ive Got Now Called Luna, This One Was A Golden Lab Mix Called Dogg.. So A While Ago Davidd Told Me This Story About A Dog In China.. The Dog Belonged To This Woman Who Saved Him From Livin On The Streets When He Was A Puppy.. The Dog Must Of Pure Loved The Woman Because He Used To Wait For Her On This Road Where She Got Off The Bus After Work.. Every Day She Got The Bus Home From Work && When She Got Off There Was Her Dog Waitin For Her && Off They Went Home.. One Day The Woman Was Killed In An Accident Bt The Dog Never Knew That So He Just Sat There Waitin For His Mum.. People Tried To Help The Dog Bt He Would Just Run Away If Anyone Went Near Him.. Taxi Drivers Would Stop && Feed Him && He Would Take The Food Bt Then He Would Leg It Before Anyone Could Catch Him.. He Must Of Been Too Scared That If He Left Then He Might Miss His Mum Returnin From Work, So He Just Stayed There Waiting..

Andreaa’s Diary #9

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Love Talkin To People.. I Think It Is Cos Am Nosey && Its The Best Way To Find Stuff Out.. Just Think Of All The People I Hve Told Ya About.. Its Lyk A Gossip Mongers Soap Opera On Here When Im About.. Ive Told Yas About Lorah, Harry && His Wife Elizbeth, Me Family, Me Pets; Luna && Dogg, Boyfriends && Ex-Boyfriends, Even About All The Nutters Around Liverpool.. One Person I Hve Not Told Yas About Is Pat.. I Suddenly Remembered Her The Other Day When I Took Luna For A Walk.. I Was Walkin Down Our Road Towards The Towny On Me Day Off && She Was Walkin Up Towards Me.. In Case Ya Forgot, Pat Is The Woman What Works In The Chippy.. Shes A Great Mate Cos She Used To Feed Me && Lorah When We Bunked Off School.. && Dogg Always Used To Go && See Her When He Was Off On His Missions && She Would Feed Him Too..