Guest Blogger #3

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ello, it is me again. My name is Rachel (you may have forgotten, it’s been a while)… I took up your Dave’s invitation to be a guest blogger here on Jammy Toast. Alas, I am not a regular reader of Jammy Toast, in fact I only found it originally because my Dad’s name is also Dave – that is why I refer to them both as “my Dave” and “your Dave”. Your Dave, from what I can tell, has never grown up and by coincidence – neither has my Dave. So, I thought I would tell you about my Dave, his stories, habits and little sayings. Everything I tell you is true… unfortunately. In fact, many people find my Dave hilarious, I just mostly find him embarrassing. I think I should also add that I did ask my Dave for permission to write this on a blog and he replied; “What’s a blog?” I took this to mean I had his permission