HMS Jammy Toast Hits An Iceberg

Posted by Edward Bear PhD on
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Houston, we have a problem. There is trouble at mill, the good ship HMS Jammy Toast has hit an iceberg – we bears are not happy. The problem is that as some of our human authors have become more popular, it has pushed us bear authors out and we don’t get a chance to post. In fact, Erik ‘The Hat’, Great Uncle Bimbo and Flat Eric are the only bears who have a chance to post at least monthly. Others – including Razzi, Edward, Egginanoo, Einstein and George – have been pushed out and only occasionally or very rarely get the chance to post anything at all. Furthermore, another one of our bears, Erika, has been asking for a chance to start her own series of posts off for some time now and every month we simple run out of days. In a nutshell, we have over forty posts/posters who want to post something every month and yet there are only around thirty days in each month.