Andreaa’s Diary #12

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IHave Somethin I Have Got To Tell Yas All.. Somethin I Have Been Keepin Quiet For Quite A Few Weeks Now.. Davidd Knows && Me Family Know, Bt I Have Kept It Quiet Frm Everyone Else Cos I Dont Want To Tempt Fate.. I Am Pregnant.. The Baby Is Due The Middle Of July Bt I Have A JLS Concert To Go To The Beginnin Of July So It Better Not Want To Make An Escape Early!! That Means Am Nearly Two Months Pregnant && So There Is Less Chance Of Me Havin Another Miscarriage.. As Yas All Know, I Have Had Two Miscarriges Before So I Didnt Want To Tell Anyone Early && Tempt Fate.. Needless To Say I Am Made Up && Just Want Everythin To Work Out Okay.. Every Little Thing Scares Me At The Moment Cos Of My History Of Miscarriages.. I Had An Early Scan To Make Sure That Everythin Looked Okay && At That Time Everythin Was Perfect.. They Cant Tell Ya The Sex That Early Though So I Dont Know If It Is A Boy Or A Girl.. Davidd Is Obsessed With How Big The Baby Is Bt At Seven Weeks It Is Only The Size Of A Baked Bean Apparently..