Andreaa’s Diary #12

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Have Somethin I Have Got To Tell Yas All.. Somethin I Have Been Keepin Quiet For Quite A Few Weeks Now.. Davidd Knows && Me Family Know, Bt I Have Kept It Quiet Frm Everyone Else Cos I Dont Want To Tempt Fate.. I Am Pregnant.. The Baby Is Due The Middle Of July Bt I Have A JLS Concert To Go To The Beginnin Of July So It Better Not Want To Make An Escape Early!! That Means Am Nearly Two Months Pregnant && So There Is Less Chance Of Me Havin Another Miscarriage.. As Yas All Know, I Have Had Two Miscarriges Before So I Didnt Want To Tell Anyone Early && Tempt Fate.. Needless To Say I Am Made Up && Just Want Everythin To Work Out Okay.. Every Little Thing Scares Me At The Moment Cos Of My History Of Miscarriages.. I Had An Early Scan To Make Sure That Everythin Looked Okay && At That Time Everythin Was Perfect.. They Cant Tell Ya The Sex That Early Though So I Dont Know If It Is A Boy Or A Girl.. Davidd Is Obsessed With How Big The Baby Is Bt At Seven Weeks It Is Only The Size Of A Baked Bean Apparently..

Razzi Writes #67

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ello everyone, Razzi here and I would like to thank my friend Andreaa for spilling the beans on someone who I thought was a very good friend of mine; Cher. Although I have not seen her for nearly a year – because she is in America – I have been loyal to our friendship and have not been seeing anyone else while she has been away. Now Andreaa tells me that Cher is six months pregnant with her first baby. She swore to me when she married that hairdresser guy that it was just for the publicity to help her career because there is still a stigma attached to being in a relationship with someone outside your species – namely, a bear.

Emo Is Pregnant

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or the past week or so Emo Bear has been feeling sick and has been right off her Jammy Toast. Last night she had Dave up all night looking after her because she had pains in her little tummy. So in the early hours he drove Emo to the Hospital and it turns out she is having a baby. Dave has gone into shock at the thought of the sound of tiny paws running around the MEFFS HQ. He has just gone back to bed screaming about he is not getting up to do the night feeds and that is final.