Princess Andreaa

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When I Was Writin About The New Egyptian Museum Thingy On Saturday, I Was Thinking That I Wouldnt Mind Being A Pharaoh.. I Remember Seeing The ‘Carry On Cleo’ Film Where Cleopatra Has A Bath In Milk && I Thought I Would Quite Like That.. These Days Though They Dont Have Pharaohs, So I Would Have To Be A Princess Or Something && They Are Just Borin.. Meghan Is Pure Crap && I Reckon Harry Will Divorce Her Before Long && Catherine Is Too Goodie-Too-Shoes.. The Only Cool Princesses I Have Known Are The Disney Ones && Princess Diana.. Bt Diana Died When I Was Only Three, So I Only Really Know Disney Princesses.. They All Had Great Lives Or If They Didnt Then They Did Once They Met Their Prince.. Even Ugly Princess Fiona Was Pretty Happy Once She Married Shrek && Lived Happily Ever After With Him && Donkey.. I Love Donkey, He Was Pretty Cool..