Andreaa’s Diary #19

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Dont Normally Watch The News On The Telly Or Read Newspapers, Cos It Just Pisses Me Off With All The Stories.. They Either Make Me Angry Or Sad && Then Am In A Bad Mood For The Rest Of The Day.. Just Lately Though, Stan The Cleaner In Work Has Been Leavin His Newspaper On The Side When Am Goin On Me Break Or Lunch && Ive Been Readin It.. && Its Still Pissin Me Off.. The Last Few Days Its Been That Poor Dubai Princess Whos Dad Is Holdin Her Hostage For Some Reason — The F*ckin Weirdo!! Princess Latifa Says She Is Bein Held Prisoner By Her Dad The Prime Minister Of UAE && No One Is Doin Anythin Just Cos He Is Mates With Our Queen && They Breed Horses Together Or Somethin.. Why Dont They Just F*ck Off && Leave Her Alone? Bt The Story Which Has Really Made Me Vex Is That Captain Tom’s Family Had To Hide Him Away Frm Social Media Cos All The Nasty Comments He Got Would Of Broken His Heart!!