The Rest Of The Nutters

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Jacko pictured with his sponsored guitar.

ITold Yas The Story Of Purple Aki The Other Day && Before I Went On Holiday I Told Yas All About Pete The Pigeon && The Williamson Square Smasher.. Today I Thought I Would Tell Yas All About The Other Nutters.. Or At Least Some Of The Others We Hve Got In Liverpool.. If I Ever Ask Anyone Wot Is Their Favourite Story Wot I Hve Wrote They Always Say The Nutters.. Everyone Pure Loves A Nutter, So Ages Ago I Told Me Dad That Everyone Loved His Nutter Stories && He Was Gettin All Famous On Himself.. It Was Me Dad Who First Told Me About Them Ya See && He Was Made Up That Yas All Lyked Them.. He Was Gettin All Big Headed && I Had To Tell Him To Calm Down It Was Just Stories On A Blog It Wasnt Britains Got Talent Or Nothin..

Purple Aki

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IWas Thinkin Last Nite About How I First Started Off Bloggin Years Ago.. It Was On This Blog Called “The Queen’s Blog”.. I Had Been Tellin Me Mate Davidd About Purple Aki, So He Said Why Dont Ya Write About Him && Ya Can Be A Guest Blogger On The Queen’s Blog.. I Was Like, Get Lost I Cant Write Stuff.. Davidd Said Dont Think About It As Writing, Just Write It Down Lyk Ya Was Tellin Me The Story.. I Did && Everyone Loved It && I Ended Up Writin Loads Of Stuff About Some Of The Nutters Of Liverpool.. So I Thought I Would Tell Yas On Here About The Nutters, Because I Wrote It On Me Old Blog && Davidd Has Destroyed Tha Now..