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Hello Toasters and welcome to the all-new Jammy Toast. Sorry we have been offline for the last couple of days but in that time, we have redesigned Jammy Toast under the careful eye of the very artistic Andreaa. I must admit that I have done all the work but under her expert eye – she has a brilliant eye for colours, design, and detail. It is funny how we are complete opposites. I can do pretty much anything with WordPress but I am shit at designing layouts and selecting colours. Andreaa on the other hand, can’t do a bloody thing with WordPress – if you turn your back on her she can destroy it – but has an eye for what colours go with what and great layouts. We do make a good team, so we have decided to combine our blogs and continue along the way with an all-new Jammy Toast. I just ignored her when she asked if we should call the new collaboration Scouse Toast!