The Angry Andreaa Show #21

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n Kirkbyy Therr Iss A Riverr Calledd Daa River Alt && Therr Iss A Storry Thatt Yearss Agoo Therr Wass A Farmerr Whoo Livedd Nearr Thee Riverr .. The Womann Whoo Ownedd Thee Farmm Usedd Too Groww Stuff && Sell Itt At Kirkbyy Markett Everyy Fridayy – MArkett Dayy .. Shee Also Keptt A Coww Forr Milkk .. Daa Farmm Wass Onn The Bankk Off The River Alt Whichh Iss Quitee Deep && Flowws Deadd Fastt .. Thee Oldd Storyy Goess Datt Whilee Shee Livedd Onn Onee Sidee Off The Rivver The Devill Livedd Onn The Otherr Sidee .. Wuddnt Yaa Knoww Iff Daa Devill Livedd Anywheer Hee Wudd Havee Too Pikk Kirkby !!