Robert Maudsley

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The Last Few Days Ive Told Ya A Ghost Story About An Old Soldier Who Haunted Kirkby Station && The Story About The Devil Livin In Kirkby.. Some Of Yas Might Not Believe Them Stories && Think That Someone Made Them Up.. I Did Tell Yas At The Time That They Are Old Folklore Stories, So Basically No One Knows If They Are True Of Not.. Bt The Story Am Goin To Tell Yas Today Is True.. It Is About A Man Called Robert Maudsley.. After You Read This, If You Think It Is Made Up Go && Google Him Because I Know He Has His Own Wikipedia Page && There Are Loads Of Other Pages Tellin What He Done && About His History.. The Only Thing I Am Not Totally Sure About Is That Some People Say He Is The Person That They Got The Idea For The Silence Of The Lambs From.. I Dont Think That Bit Is True Meself && Davidd Told Me That The Man Who Wrote The Book Said He Made Buffalo Bill Up From Loads Of Different People, He Is Not Based On Any One Person..