Scouse Stonehenge

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Nearly Fell Over Today When I Discovered That We Hve Our Own Stonehenge — Right Here In Liverpool.. Okay, So It Might Not Be The Hundreds Of Stones Lyk Down South Bt Here In Liverpool We Hve Our Own Neolithic Stone Thats Called Robin Hoods Stone.. Ya Can Find It On The Corner Of Booker Ave && Archfield Road Bt It Originally Come Frm A Field Called Stone Hey, Bt They Built Houses On That Field Yonks Ago So They Had To Move It To Where It Is Today.. Its About Two Metres High, A Metre Wide && Half-A-Metre Thick.. There Are Deep Lyk Grooves That Run Down One Side Of It Which Stop At Ground Level.. It Is Surrounded By Some Railings To Keep It Safe && Has A Bronze Plaque Thing Explainin Wot It Is && Where It Come From..